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    Amy H

    I would get the vaccine because I know about herd immunity. My principles supersede government (whenever possible). The government can tell me to do all kinds of things but when I do it, it’s my choice. I’m selfish in that I don’t want to die a preventable death and am not going to risk it. Give me the vaccine baby!

    I too get vaccinated often. I’ve had all the childhood vaccines and every year I get vaccinated against the flu. I’ve had lots of vaccines in order to travel to poorer nations. Over the years I’ve felt a little ill a couple of times afterwards but nothing terrible. I’ve also been to places where vaccines are a rare and much wanted thing. I’ve seen the devastation measles do to populations and those that survive it. Polio isn’t pretty either. I bet not a person here would be willing to take their unvaccinated child or grandchild to the Congo on a free-all expense paid trip. Or how about petting a stray dog or cat in the heart of Mexico? Rabies kills quickly. Nope, you don’t need to be bitten either. Saliva.

    It’s a luxury in developed countries to be “anti-vac”. First-world silliness.

    It matters not if fellow-developed-country-citizens chose to remain unvaccinated. The numbers are in our favor. Herd immunity works it’s too bad people don’t understand it. It saves their lives and most aren’t smart enough to know it.

    Food isn’t going to save you from microorganisms. Genetics might.


    When I’m home, I control what I eat and keep my carb count usually 23 or below. I will occasionally eat flatbread I bake myself though. We get our beef local and raise most of the veggies I eat in my greenhouses. I hunt and fish. I do go to the End-of-the-World for fresh seafood too. I snack on walnuts and pecans. I will buy avocados. Sometimes I’m forced to eat veggies from the farmer’s market, but I’m choosy. With the exception of Sars, I’ve only had the flu once. Oh, I hit the gym every day. I also rub my feet with dmso. I know a guy.

    I just may be a fluke. I never thought about it.


    There you go…

    People talk about electrical pollution (5g, wireless networks) and vaccinations lowering immune systems. The biggest contributor by far IMO is diet… refined sugars, processsed foods, GMOs, even vegetables tainted with pesticides and herbicides.

    Denise F

    There is something to be said for diet. In these days if a couple both make it to 90 and beyond and have never had cancer, it’s a rarity.

    I know a couple, 92 and 90 yrs old who retired from the Air Force during the Vietnam War. Due to the stressful position he had they bought 10 acres in a small town in nowhere, Florida.

    They went into the BX once a month to shop and otherwise grew all their own food for over 20 yrs. They didn’t even get tv by antenna since they were so far out.

    They look great and are the healthiest people I’ve ever met.

    Peter N

    Legal precedence in the US: In 1905 the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Jacobson v. Massachusetts upheld the constitutionality of mandatory smallpox vaccination programs to preserve the public health.


    I have a weaken immune system brought on by kidney disease. I get my flu shot every year. Growing up, my parents had my brother and I vaccinated for many dangerous conditions. I am thankful they did this for us. If and when a vaccine is available for Covid-19 I will be taking it! I have seen this virus at work, it’s the worst I have seen in my life!


    If people want to get any vaccines, It is their decision, and I have no right to judge them, its their body.
    What concerns me is the social ostracizing of the anti vaccine crowd, seems to be more pronounced than ever and mainstream..
    If I do not want the vaccine, how am I harming the vaccinated society? What is the counter argument?

    Scott D

    The pro-vax v. anti-vax dilemma is a false one. I don’t get the flu shot. If you understand how they determine which virus strains MIGHT be active that year, you’d realize it is just a gamble of sorts. I do, however, get a tetanus shot every 5 years or so.

    If you think a COVID 19 vaccine will actually combat the strain that is active, you need to do some research. A simple study done last month China differentiated 11 strains from people already with one being over 200% more virulent than the others. Vaccine research and application in times like that are a moving target. I would never get the vaccine. Never. Why?

    Lastly, I’d challenge you to look up Dr. Erickson COVID 19 briefing, parts 1 and 2 on Youtube. From someone on the front line and someone who actually understands science and statistics. You will see A LOT of this is media hype and an outright distortion of the facts. Why would I get a vaccine when the numbers simply don’t warrant it? I wouldn’t.


    Shannon D, you said…
    “If I do not want the vaccine, how am I harming
    the vaccinated society? What is the counter argument?”

    My answer,
    People who are not vaccinated against covid-19
    are causing harm to them selves.
    Why? Without protection covid-19 can kill you.

    Stay home. Stay Safe.


    Well I am not staying home, I am working. I prefer to rev. my immune system versus weaken it. I would rather go down fighting than sitting at home…

    Denise F

    A doctor told me that a few years ago (regarding the flu strains) and that she didn’t even take one because there’s no way to know if they’re vaccinating for the correct one. You’re the only other person I’ve heard say that. That was my excuse the past couple of years ?

    If you are a person who has limited contact with people and everyday ‘germs’ i would then consider taking a flu shot….. especially the elderly.

    My question is this…. suppose the conspiracy of something secretly being put in the vaccine is true…. Couldn’t they do it simpler by adding it to a product a majority of households use?

    Denise F

    Or is it easier and more effective by doing a vaccine? Just curious.?!

    Augustine L

    I will get one, but I will not be first in line. I am a little wary because they make a vaccine and after a bit the virus mutates and you start over again.

    I am not much of a paranoiac nor a conspiracy theorist. I don’t even own tinfoil.

    Amy H

    Shannon… I’ll take a swing at your question.

    In our country, not being vaccinated likely won’t be a problem. It’s herd immunity. It depends on the infectiousness of the bug/disease you’re being vaccinated for as well. As an example, for herd immunity to be effective from the measles, 95% of the population have to have the immunity (inoculated or got the disease already) for someone who doesn’t get vaccinated (called a “free rider”) to be safe because the odds of that person being exposed are quite a bit less. For the flu, it’s only 30-40% to benefit from herd immunity (inoculated or got the disease already). At present, they think co-vid would need 70% of the population inoculated or already had it for some to be “free riders” and remain healthy.

    It is true there are many strains of the flu virus. However, what you don’t realize is information is being gathered regularly discovering what strains, well in advance of our flu seasons, are popping up in other places and causing problems. That’s how they decide, based on numbers and stats, which vaccine to make. They learn from the problems of other places and make an educated call.

    The people that are susceptible, like ASA, are the ones that can potentially die when exposed to pathogens when people don’t get inoculated or already have immunity. The more people immune, the better chances those not able to be vaccinated will survive.

    What you see right now with co-vid is what can happen without herd immunity and vaccines. Frankly, we’re lucky. It could be much worse and someday again it will be deadlier. It’s just a matter of time.

    People who can’t be vaccinated because of health issues really are at the mercy of others. It’s not a luxury for them to be able to “pass” on vaccines. They have to hope people do the right thing or have had the disease already and thus have immunity. I bet people against vaccines don’t think a moment about those like ASA or people with severely compromised immune systems when they state they don’t need or believe in vaccines.

    Right now, people are being forced to consider the people they never think of. What a novelty it has become to “care” about your neighbors. There was a time, but that time is gone.

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