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    Good point, M99. The term antivaxxer has been unfairly usurped to mean those against this particular vaccine. I apologize for using the term in that manner and won’t again. One good thing to remember is that Hillary Clinton did NOT win the election, thank God. I, for one, would never have voted for her, and her lumping those that think differently from her into a derogatory term is only one tiny reason why. However, I will say that I feel these terms pale in comparison to the verbiage used against liberal minded people by Donald Trump and his supporters as well as those in this forum. Maybe it doesn’t feel that way when you’re not on the receiving end, but try seeing it from this side.

    Their is massive corresponding proof that the vaccine lessens the infection if only one will stop seeing conspiracies everywhere they look and take some of the widely publicized information at face value. It absolutely doesn’t make sense that their is such polarization. It’s not possible that everyone on one side is doing it for the wrong reasons, it just isn’t! I’ll look into McGill University’s funding and see if their science department is benefitting from reporting true facts about Dr. Mercola. At the same time, can someone help in finding out who the benefactor and beneficiary is of the many covid anti-vaccine articles? Again, let’s be fair.


    Really? I’m a Trump supporter. And I don’t argue politics. I vote and respect the rights of others. Now, please keep it at that, okay?


    This is interesting, I have been following the requirements that Phizer makes countries sign on to in order to receive their vaccine..

    James N

    @Esther you said “At the same time, can someone help in finding out who the benefactor and beneficiary is of the many covid anti-vaccine articles?”

    Millions of people all over the globe would be the first thing that comes to mind….

    But really your question is not quite phrased correctly. It should be “anti-mandate”. That’s more of the dividing line between the two camps. Yes the vaccine helped ease symptoms in the earlier variants so it was beneficial in that one lone aspect.

    Now information is coming out that they are ineffective and the virus is less deadly. Yet the vaccines are being pushed on the entire populace at the expense of people’s jobs, division in the educational system, military and law enforcement realms. Not to mention the health care workers leaving in droves. Remember the “Heros Work Here” sentiment. Long gone now.

    Why should what shots I get be forced?

    John B.


    Bill F posted this in the “Vaccine” thread.

    Pfizer documents: unvaccinated people can be exposed to experimental mRNA from vaccinated people; frightening adverse reactions


    Last year it came out that people could shed the spike proteins produced by these covid vaccines. It’s something the drug companies didn’t share and was found buried in their clinical trial literature.

    I posed a question to John A here, who is in the medical field, if vaccinated people could likewise shed the mRNA itself, not just the spike proteins. He couldn’t give a definitive answer but suggested, after speaking to someone, that maybe not (that may have been based on the mRNA staying in the muscle where it’s injected; I’m not sure).

    But I still wonder if in the same way we can smell alcohol on people’s breath, if likewise, our blood stream was not only dumping spike proteins to be expelled by our breath or sweat pores, but if the mRNA or Vector vaccine itself was expelled.

    I had hoped this article would shed light on that but it doesn’t. Are vaxxed people shedding the mRNA vaccine itself like people spread the coronavirus. The good thing is the mRNA doesn’t replicate like a virus, but the bad news that came out is unlike our regular natural mRNA that instructs cells to create a protein and is then shredded by the cell, this mRNA in the vaccines lasts long term and continues to create spike proteins, and some research even suggested it could survive cell division and may impact our DNA despite claims it cannot.


    Bombshell CDC Study: Natural Immunity Provides Significantly More Protection Against COVID Than Vaccination Only

    Why is that a bombshell? I thought that has been long known now. The CDC must be forced to go ahead and acknowledge what everyone already knows. People who had SARS back in 2002-03 had immunity against this SARS indicating natural immunity was long lasting.

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    @Shannon, on your article about the dangers of going to the hospital the doctor charges that hospital’s murderous malpractice and negligence are killing people by following strict CDC guidelines, typically administering Remdesivir and intubating to death. Only 10% survive the ventilator, he says. The forced air damages lungs.

    What the article didn’t mention is hospitals are incentivized (get extra money) to do that. They get big bucks from the government every time a hospital uses a ventilator and gracious kickbacks from the drug company every time they prescribe the ridiculously expensive remdesivir.

    A doctor on an article I posted claimed dangerous remdesivir didn’t help and actually increased deaths. It’s very toxic and causes kidney and liver damage. Long before the pandemic there have been charges of big pharma/FDA approving dangerous drugs too quickly.

    So, I wanted to put a motive for this, “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil” (1 Timothy 6:10). Money is not evil, but the love of it leads to unsavory conduct. The CDC, a non-government subsidiary totally funded by big pharma is in effect big phrama. Inexpensive ivermectin and HCL are kept off of the approved treatments because it would upset the gravy train.

    , the double whammy, to add to Shannon’s article on needless deaths, is the vaccines are increasing all cause deaths worldwide. Your article states, “Amid reporting on a variety of studies that find a direct causal relationship between an increase in deaths in countries with higher levels of vaccinations. . . .”

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    Copied and pasted:

    Time To Share!🙏🏽

    The White House recently cited CDC data analysis claiming that unvaccinated Americans are 17 times more likely to be hospitalized and 20 times more likely to die from COVID, but what is the CDC not telling the American people when it comes to these fraudulent statistics?

    The CDC is not telling Americans that unvaccinated Americans also include vaccinated Americans.

    How can this be?

    On Jan 5th, 2022, Fauci and the CDC changed the criteria for what constitutes an American being identified as vaccinated to a person who has received either 2 Pfizer experimental shots, 2 Moderna/Fauci experimental shots, or 1 Johnson & Johnson experimental shot AND a booster AND having been at least 14 days since the last experimental shot was administered.

    Let that sink in.

    If you got your shots, but don’t want a booster, then you are now considered unvaccinated just like an American who is vaccine free.

    In the US there are now 4 distinct categories of people.

    1. Fully Vaccinated & Boosted.

    2. Fully Vaccinated & Not Boosted.

    3. Partially Vaccinated

    4. Vaccine Free

    If you fall into category 2, 3, or 4, then you are considered unvaccinated not by science, or logic, but rather by the undeserved authority of the CDC.

    This ‘either/or’ fraud creates a dual effect, both deeply injurious to the American people.

    1. It fraudulently hyperinflates the number of unvaccinated cases, hospitalizations and deaths making the situation look like it is being driven by vaccine free Americans.

    2. It fraudulently deflates the number of vaccine breakthrough cases, hospitalizations, and deaths because now only category 1 Americans can qualify for vaccine breakthrough evaluation if they contract the virus. This is designed to make the failed experimental COVID shots more effective than they are.

    Remember that vaccine breakthrough cases increased by over 1.1 million confirmed breakthrough cases from Nov to Dec.

    Remember that vaccine breakthrough hospitalizations increased from 56,000 to over 90,000 from Nov to Dec.

    Remember that vaccine breakthrough deaths increased from 16,000 to almost 25,000 from Nov to Dec.

    All clear signals that the experimental COVID vaccinces have failed to be effective at protecting Americans from harm.

    Remember that at least 1 million Americans have been injured by the experimental COVID shots and more than 21,000 have died after becoming part of the largest human experiment in history.

    Now couple all of this verifiable information with these 3 final thoughts.

    1. New York hospitals have confirmed that 43% of COVID hospital admissions were NOT due to COVID.

    2. New Jersey hospitals have confirmed that 49% COVID hospital admissions were NOT due to COVID.

    3. The CDC may be including pre-vaccine data in their calculations for vaccine effectiveness and categorizing the people in it as…you guessed it…unvaccinated. That’s right, if the CDC is includung data from 2020 then everyone in that data was unvaccinated.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    Do you still think the CDC is telling the truth and trustworthy?

    This is another major scandal, major fraud by a federal agency in violation of federal laws and another major act of Willful Misconduct by the CDC.


    @Wolf, it goes to show how statistics can be tweaked to get a desired result, and not just with this vaccine. Big Pharma has a sordid history of conducting studies in such a way as to get desired results. They did it to dispel a childhood vaccine/autism connection, and then simply ignore independent studies showing otherwise. Since the FDA is in bed with Big Pharma it’s all good.

    (Is there a reason not to provide a link; like your source didn’t link to the article)?

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    So, the CDC claims unvaccinated Americans are 17 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID and 20 times more likely to die from COVID.

    A synopsis of your article:

    If you have not got a booster, even if you’ve had two previous shots, you are listed as unvaccinated. What the article failed to mention is only about 34% of the U.S. population has been boosted.

    For two weeks after any shot the person is listed as unvaccinated. That’s when many have bad adverse events, and most vaccine caused deaths occur within two weeks of the jab.

    Everyone who goes to the hospital for whatever reason is tested for covid and thus are counted as hospitalized with covid. The article forgot to mention if they die for any reason while having covid, due to CDC rules, its listed as a covid death. This is why the inflated U.S. covid death totals are so freakin’ high.

    The article says the CDC data may include 2020 further inflating the lopsided statistics. Having read about this before, I know they counted from January 2021 when only a small percentage were vaccinated, thus deceptively calculating the numbers of hospitalized vaxxed vs. unvaxxed.

    And for anyone who is on the fence about fraud at the CDC, you only have to look at this intentional deception spewed by Dr. Fauci to realize they are deceptive liars.

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    No links posted Knobby.
    The copied post is a summation of many links to studies posted I have read in other groups that have been shared across the many telegram groups I am in.

    The quantity of such studies is swiftly becoming overwhelming and difficult to keep up with as the narrative crumbles ever further.

    What concerns me now is not the mandates pushed by the ‘pandemic’ but what they have planned next…

    I suspect the pollies will be thrown to the wolves by the puppet masters as it becomes more obvious the people have been lied to, but it’s okay because the goal has been achieved of 70-90% jabbed with the genojabs and the foundation laid for no more basic human rights and the control grid tracking infrastructure is now firmly in place.

    BTW, what happened to Esther? Her posts now say ‘anonymous’… either she left SasChron or has departed due to getting the kill shot?


    “What concerns me now is not the mandates pushed by the ‘pandemic’ but what they have planned next…”

    The fat lady hasn’t sung yet. Didn’t early in this pandemic Fauci and Gates predict there are likely other pandemics to follow. I think there are several motives, or at least some who are incentivized to go along with other’s motives. Big Pharma has a history of trafficking dangerous drugs at exorbitant prices that later have to be pulled.

    Dr. Malone warns of antibody dependent enhancement, that the omicron variant is a warning to stop the vaccinations now before we get a variant that better evades the immune response and could even be deadlier.

    Pfizer claims it will have a booster against omicron in March. Their greedy goal seems to be jab you into perpetuity and rake in the cash. If as you say they’ve achieved their goal of control over basic human rights, can they stop this crazed pharmaceutical industry?

    Before I could kill her she either killed herself or someone else took the kill shot.

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