Jul 27

Encounters on the farm

In an upcoming show I will be interviewing Anthony from South Carolina. Growing up he had a lot of strange activity on and around his property. Anthony will share some of the strange encounters around his property.

In this small clip he talks about a night a neighbor called him to tell him “the big black creature is back and in your backyard”

16 Responses to “Encounters on the farm”

  1. Jan W

    Oh! That is almost cruel! I can hardly wait for this one! I was up in the Spartanburg-Greenville area not long ago and thought it looked like a promising area. Thanks!

  2. SantiamLady

    Jeepers!!!!???? Action packed……and Wes stops the teaser during the hot-pursuit!!!!! ????????????How long til we get to hear the rest of this story, Wes.!? “Next time on SC…..”???? You’re turning into a Tease, man! ???? This Episode better air soon! ????????

  3. Steven D

    I live about an hour from Greenville SC I love when you have encounter stories from the Carolina’s Thanks for all you do Wes!!!

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