May 26

Dogman Narratives: The Beast In The Cave

Here is a new Dogman Narratives called The Beast in the Cave. I really enjoy his content.

Dogman Narratives writes “The classic tale of H.P. Lovecraft The Beast in the Cave is about a man who is touring the Mammoth Cave and gets separates from his guide and becomes lost.

His light goes out and he is giving up hope of finding a way out in the pitch dark, when he hears strange non-human footsteps approaching him. Thinking it to be a lost mountain lion or other such beast, he picks up a stone and throws it toward the source of the sound.

The beast is hit and runs towards the lost person. They struggle and the sightseer hits the beast in the head with a rock.

The guide finds the lost sightseer, and together they examine the fallen creature with the guide’s torchlight. The creature mutters in its last breaths and they see its face, discovering that it is in fact a pale, deformed human, who had also become lost in the cave.”

4 Responses to “Dogman Narratives: The Beast In The Cave”

  1. acrylic sand artist

    Don’t know if the story is true?
    None the less, a sad story. The eyes were black, perhaps because of lack of light
    within the cave’s depths. Living in darkness, your appearance would change over time.
    Hair would grow where it wouldn’t normally.

  2. Nathan E

    This isn’t a true story. It was ghost-written by H.P. Lovecraft, a now-famous horror fiction writer from the early 20th century. Not a bad tale, it has some atmosphere to it. The story involves reverse evolution and primitivism, which were valid ideas (since disproven) when Lovecraft was writing.

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