Oct 19

Sunday’s Show: Does Sasquatch have a language?

Ron Morehead and Scott Nelson will be my guests on the show. We will be discussing Sasquatch and possible language.



How Sanskrit is connected to Latin, English and other European languages.

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  1. Ted T

    I believe the Sasquatch language is based on nuances such as dogs or cats have good sounds and bad sounds and I believe that’s the way they communicate also it’s just a theory

  2. NW Mike

    Fascinating info. The language aspect has been explored extensively by Scott Nelson. He has shown that their verbalizations have the structure of language. Now we have people making progress communicating with “them” in a human language? These are exciting times in the Bigfoot world. Thanks for keeping us on the leading edge of this Wes.

  3. Jay Carlsen

    This is the HINGE ! For if they can Speak – they are another Manner of Human. ( only real Tall Human )
    They do not have to be the Cavemen from the Insurance Commercial With Their Head Bands & Polo Golf Tee-shirts Driving the New Audi. They do Speak & Answer one another. Doesn’t this qualify them to be more than some Circus Monkey ?
    And WHAT A COINCIDENCE ?!? That we have in the Historical Record already Found the Sloping Forehead People. These Pre – Human Who they told us we evolved From.

  4. Charles R

    Do they have language, sure seems so, I am confident. Is this language consistent across North America? Could a Northern Bigfoot immediately communicate in the same language as a Florida Skunk Ape? If so than this language was developed from the earliest ones and continued for many many thousands of years. Certainly a Frenchman would have a hard time talking with me. Do they use Mannerisms to bridge the gap?

    • Gabriel H

      Duke is that Ep.29 Pt.1?? I should check that out. I think Khat’s done Sasquatch Syndicate too…

      What we really need is quality observation in order to really start to make sense of any possible language

      Or bag one and bring in two more to observe “talking” about it… I can’t believe I just said that…

      Nice little prep vids for the show Wes. Thanks this should be a fascinating one

  5. Dave T

    I promise you all they have a language. They sound almost the same as we do while talking just not English. I wish you all could have heard what Reo and I heard that night in Utah. You’d be as convinced as I am. They aren’t just a big monkey making weird noises in the woods. The conversation I heard two of them having back and forth just blew me away. I just wish I knew what they were talking about.

    • Charles R

      Since you have heard them talk Dave, a question for you since I have only heard howls and mimic of animals. Some research ( I think from R. Scott Nelson and others ) indicates that they speak at 1 1/2 to twice the speed that we do and their words are mono syllables. Just curios to your thoughts on this.

  6. pam purple rose

    The Samurai chatter, talk, etc. has fascinated ne for the past few yrs.
    I love the conversations Ron has recorded; think it does sound like John Belushi as the Samurai warrior from SNL.
    Scott Nelson must have made some headway on their language by now, so cannot wait to hear his thoughts and if there is some Asiatic language component what would that mean ad to origins?

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