Man Dressed as Bigfoot for a Hoax Is Run Over and Killed

An apparent attempt to stage a Bigfoot sighting horribly backfired when a man dressed in furry camouflage was struck and killed by two cars on a Montana highway, police say. Randy Lee Tenley, 44, of Kalispell, Mont., was pronounced dead at the scene near Flathead Lake in northeastern Montana after the stunt late Sunday night…. Read more »

A Large Creature Spotted in Illinois

Mr. Kern is a married, ex-military man who presently lives in Illinois near Mt. Carmel. The sighting took place September 12, 2013, approximately 3:30pm. Weather was sunny and clear. The place where the sighting took place is Bealls Woods State Park, nearest the town Keensburg, population about 200 people. Park is described as small, maybe… Read more »

News of the Weird

As I search the web for Sasquatch related topics I come across some strange things and I am compelled to share it even if it is not Sasquatch related, like this for example: A team of scientists in Zurich, Switzerland, recently developed a method of acoustic levitation that allows objects to float next to each… Read more »

Watts Valley Wolf Ape

There are stories of a strange creature prowling the foothills of Fresno County, of a strange creature with long grey mangy hair and the face of an ape or baboon and has both human like hands and feet. It always appears to be sick, coughing and foaming at the mouth. Legend calls it the Devil… Read more »

Hunter Watches Two Bigfoots Cross Field

Report from Anderson County, KY: While deer hunting I saw two creatures run (more like a fast jog) across an open field, looking behind them intermittently. One was larger and mostly black. The other smaller and more blonde colored (dark coyote colored). After they disappeared into the woods I pulled my scope up to try… Read more »

Cynocephalus The Dog-Headed Men

I want to thank Avis for sending this to me. Most people have heard of werewolves, but few know of the ancient race of dog-headed men, better known as the Cynocephali. A Cynocephalus was essentially a man with the head of a dog. They could understand language but had no ability to speak. Though they… Read more »

Missouri Screams By Randy Savig

Randy writes “For the last couple of years I have recorded vocals that I call the Missouri Scream. These are usually recorded with recorder setups left in the woods. Earlier this month we lucky enough to be able to hear it in person. It was interesting and eerie all at the same time.”  

The Cedar Brook Howdy

I am looking into a recent Sasquatch encounter where the witness stated that the Sasquatch appeared to put one arm in the air, growl and then turn around and walk off. The witness I spoke to said it was not a wave but a gesture of disgust or that was his impression. I found the… Read more »

SC EP:114 “It” was tapping on my window

My guest tonight is Carol from New Hampshire, she did not believe in Bigfoot. She has lived on her property for 20 years and noticed a lot of strange activity over the years. While living alone she witnesses “something” looking in her bedroom window. She describes in full detail what she saw, she said that… Read more »

Scientists Who Believe in Bigfoot

Bigfoot research is often the domain of amateur enthusiasts. But some highly educated scientists in relevant fields, such as primatology and anthropology, have expressed beliefs that Bigfoot exists or at least that he may exist and that this possibility should be taken seriously. One such scientist, the late Dr. Grover S. Krantz, has been quoted… Read more »

Kid Sees Bigfoot In His Yard And Finds Some Strange Hair

Watching this video made me think of my guest tomorrow night. Carol’s young daughter talking about a monster tapping on her window or seeing a large black thing or person running around in the woods on their property. I would like to speak with this kid.

Sundays show – “It” was tapping on my window

My guest for Sunday night is Carol from New Hampshire, she did not believe in Bigfoot. She has lived on her property for 20 years and noticed a lot of strange activity over the years. While living alone she witnesses “something” looking in her bedroom window. She describes in full detail what she saw, she… Read more »

Wild Woman of the Navidad

Editors note> I enjoy reading these old articles. As people in the past had no reference point to describe seeing a Sasquatch they always referred to them as the “Wild Man” or “Wild Woman”. In the early days of Texas, settlers living near the banks of the Navidad, southeast of Hallettsville, were subjected to visits… Read more »

Watch: Almasty Caught On Tape In Russia?

I wonder if ThinkerThunker has completed a break-down on this video. I am not a video expert and I think it would be nice to get more context on a video like this, what did the witnesses say? Have a video expert look at this and see if this is possible CGI or not. One… Read more »

Friday Night Show: Hunters Encounter Aggressive Group of Sasquatch

I have a great show coming up this Friday night for the members. I spoke to Chris from Nevada who talks about a night he will never forget. Like many witnesses, he has suffered some psychological trauma from this aggressive encounter. He’s a life long hunter and outdoorsman, and now has had little desire to… Read more »

Tracks found and cast in SW Missouri

A listener of the show, Shane C. found and cast this print 2 weeks ago in SW Missouri.   Here is a track Shane cast back in April, maybe we can get Shane to come on the show.  

Two elk hunters and a creature startle each other

2004 Summit County, UT I was hunting Elk with my brother in law. We had been in this deep canyon for some time. It was getting dark, so we heeded out of it. I can still see this in my head,..We were climbing up out of a small draw onto a flat meadow. As we… Read more »