Oct 25

SC EP:594 Bonus Show: Randy White “The Manster”

I am traveling this week. I met hall of fame legend Randy White while I am down here in Dallas. I could not pass up the opportunity to interview him. This will be a bonus show, it has nothing to do with Sasquatch but if you enjoy football you will love this interview.Randy White is a former American football defensive tackle. He attended the University of Maryland from 1971 to 1974, and played professionally for the Dallas Cowboys from 1975 to 1988. He is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame (1994), the Pro Football Hall of Fame (1994) and the Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame.





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82 Responses to “SC EP:594 Bonus Show: Randy White “The Manster””

  1. Matt T

    You’re gonna make me listen to other podcasts which I rly don’t want to do. Yours is the best by far. Need to get my Sasquatch story fix for the night though hahah

  2. Bob V

    Hello Wes,

    This is awesome. Why not start a channel where you just interview X-NFL players and maybe relitives? I’d love to hear the stories and their issues. Keep it pure. Just ask. Let the players call you just like you do on Sasquatch Chronicles. Never get roped into the NFL. If you are always on the “outside” they might give you a more in depth look into how the NFL was and is. Imagine listening to all of the stories these guys have. WOW. It would be great. A no holds back look at the experience of the NFL. You wouldn’t need to have an episode every week. Just when one of these guys or a relative calls, and if they are willing to speak, lets hear it.

    As a NFL Football fan I loved this interview.

    Green Bay Packer fan living in Minneapolis. Long time listener of Sasquatch Chronicles. I’ve been watching NFL football since I was five.


  3. squatch

    Cool interview, Wes…

    Mr. White is a living legend and a straight up old-school, real American Bad Ass. (as were many of the NFL players from his era – TRUE tough guys that didn’t take shit from anyone)

    Sadly, truly rugged, tough guys like this man are in short supply in this country anymore. He exemplifies what it means to go out and dedicate your heart and mind to achieve the highest level of greatness and accept nothing less, despite pain, injuries, or “hurt” feelings. As a player, he was a truly, tough, nasty, sob on the field… and a gentleman off the field.

    Just a refreshing interview with a really cool legend. I just really enjoyed it and it was a pleasure to hear his stories from the past.

    Thanks for having him on and thank you, Mr. White for all of the great memories you provided us when the NFL used to be truly a great game.

  4. Jack B. R

    I agree with him as Walter Payton being the best running back of all time. Always liked Randy ….the Cowboys and Steeler teams of that era were one of very few whether u were a fan or not you could name 10 or more of their players. Great interview Wes…enjoyed it.

  5. Charles R

    I do not remember the Sasquatch part of The Manster and at that time I was all about the NFL ( Detroit Lions fan – still am ) and Baseball ( Detroit Tiger Fan – still am ). Well now it is a Sasquatch show. Tom Landry – the coach of no emotions, at least on the field.
    Best running back ever was Barry Sanders – just watch the clips. He did moves with the football no one ever did before and since. But indeed Walter Peyton was great. I agree with Randy about the ridiculous amount of penalties going on today not only NFL but in college.
    About the rules today I get it. The modern day football athletes are bigger, stronger, faster due to the superior weight, strength, speed and flexibility training, nutrition, kinesiology, etcetera. It is a brutal game were the average football players career is less than 4 years. I watch far less football today than I use to as I hate to see so many players get carted off the field, and the team you started the season with does not resemble the one at the end. In this day and time of high technology why have they not found uniforms that can absorb the blows inflicted on these athletes, maybe items like nerf, collapsible air bags, space age materials, etc. It works on the cars in auto racing, there must be something for bodies. Instead I see players playing with out any knee protection and smaller pads all in the name of increasing the speed of the players. Even if better protection slowed the game down a bit, I think fans would rather see their favorite athletes out their game after game. Just my opinion.
    If one wants to understand the culture of the NFL back in Randy’s early Dallas days and years before read the book North Dallas Fourty by Peter Gent. This one will address from a players perspective of the painkillers Wes talked about just to stay in the game and mask injuries. It also addresses general drug use, womanizing, rascism, low pay and a host of issues. Peter Gent only played basketball at Michigan State and was offered a pro basketball contract, but instead walked onto the Dallas Cowboys and played tight end/flanker in Tom Landry’s days. The Cowboys at that time with probably Tex Schramm evaluating talent, were always looking for athletes such as Bob Hayes. If one wants to know the culture of Baseball at that time read Ball Four by Jim Bouton.

    Fabulous interview Wes. Your talents for interviewing people goes way, way beyond just Sasquatch and some paranormal. Far better than Joe Rogan, and many so called sports interviewers I have heard. You have such great way with putting your guests at ease. Please pursue this avenue. Sasquatch may have been the trigger for you but your life’s calling just may be to branch out to other fields that interest you. Bob V made a really good observation above. I can not reinforce enough how much I enjoyed this interview.

  6. Bal G

    Just a pinch between my cheek and gums! Not a boys fan but great interview. Hope Randy doesn’t dip tobacco anymore. It’s very addictive, more addictive than smoking a pack of Marlboro. Goes straight to your saliva, which means your blood. Thanks Wes.

  7. Matt T

    Wes – I’ve been thinking you should make Sasquatch chronicles a tv show, and make the encounters like animations to show how it happened or use real people like Monster quest or something idk. I think your show would go viral if it were on a big channel. Finding Bigfoot still gets plenty of viewers and its the worst show on planet earth. Shows the interest and market for real Sasquatch material is there though!!! I would wait for a new episode on tv every week 😂

  8. John P

    I was laughing and smiling throughout the entire show! Awesome job. You should definitely consider doing more legendary NFL players. In sure there will be some reaching out to you once this makes the rounds. Thank you for all the entertainment and information with us.

  9. SCOTT O

    That was really great Wes.
    I could listen to one of these every week. You look like a maniac but your voice and demeanor are very welcoming. I’m a Steelers fan and I’m totally disgusted with the zebras. They’ve ruined the flow of the game , and a “Manster” wouldn’t even be allowed on the field today.
    I’d like to meet you and the crew someday but I live on the east coast where bigfoots have lawyers and nannies. Peace and love bro.

  10. Maria E

    I was a fanatical Cowboy’s fan when Randy played. I loved him to pieces. He’s still great and I still am loyal to Cowboys though I’ve mellowed out some. Thank you Sir, I enjoyed it 🙂

  11. David J

    Awesome show, Wes! Randy is a legend! Don’t listen to anyone who hated it. We all need a divergence occasionally and listening to a legend compare the game of today to how it was played just a few years ago was great!

  12. Pat T

    Great interview Wes, grew up watching Randy play, big hero of mine back in the day. Couldn’t agree more on how the officials are ruining this great game. Hope you land more interviews with legends, maybe slip in a NASCAR guy. Great show Wes as always keep it up!

  13. footer2

    You cannot call it a bonus show if there are no sasquatch stories in it!!!!!!!
    I think I might quit paying you for sasquatch stories because you play alot of other shit that is not sasquatch related and we your fans pay YOU for bigfoot/sasquatch!!!!!!

  14. Cindy W

    Sweet, Darlin Wes – I so wish you could come down here to the Heart of Dixie where I was born and raised and continue to live my life in Alabama. I’m a Southern Bell and love every minute of it. I want you to know that God has given you a great gift – interviewing – you are the best of the best!! As much as I love SC, I love YOU more and I want to see you go forward with your gift and not just stay in one gear. YES, I would miss SC but I would smile even more to see you using your gift to the fullest that life can take you and if you do decide to go forward, honey get ready cause “forward” is going to go really fast for you!! That’s how good you truly are when interviewing all types of people no matter the subject!! I feel as if the subject of Sasquash can only go for so long ~ for the experiences, as much as I love hearing every single one of them, now seem to be repeats of other experiences. Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing all the interviews because I do learn a little something from each one. For you though, one day you may want to go forward and when you do, your gonna be right up there with the best of the best because YOU are one of the top bests!! You are loved by me and loved by many – all because you rock the Bigfoot world and our world too for that matter!! You’ll always have my support so go………………but don’t ever forget where you started and stay humble and you’ll be just fine.

  15. Darrell O

    What a pleasant surprise! I am a huge football fan and enjoyed that interview. I agree with you how do you pass up a chance to interview Randy White! That is a nice crossover, my Sasquatch guy talking football! How cool is that? Thanks Wes! Go Raiders!!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!!

  16. Reid D

    Thanks Wes! Been a Cowboys fan since I could turn the channel for my mom!! Yes Moma RIP!! She got me on this crazy ride!! She was the biggest Cowboy fan of all!! Thank you Wes! The man the myth the monster Mr Randy White!!

  17. John H

    I’m an Eagles fan through and through and really enjoyed the interview. I always enjoy listening to Randy. And he’s right, my family has had season tickets for 40 years and sometimes there are Cowboys fans behind us. I just say listen, I’m OK with you rooting for your team but don’t get too crazy because when they throw stuff at you, and they will, they might hit me! LOL. But Sasquatch allows us to put that all aside!

  18. Steve R

    I have always liked Randy!! This was the best interview of him I have ever heard!! They dont make men like him anymore. God Bless you Mr. Randy White, you and guys like you made the NFL!

  19. Tim F

    Am a Dallas Cowboys fan. Dont know the true validity of the story, but had heard one time that Randy could pop a football with one hand! Now that’s some streagth!

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