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Watch: Bigfoot vs Buffalo (ThinkerThunker)


Published on Jan 30, 2015
Would you risk death by buffalo to pull off a Bigfoot hoax? In this clip we see four big, furry somethings (Bigfoot?) stalking four buffalo in Yellowstone National Park.

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    • Rich P

      Thinker does a good job breaking down vids. Hard to argue with him. That 4 th squatch was huge compared to the rest. What was up with that pimp walk on the one squatch? Lol!!! Too bad we couldn’t see them take down a buffalo. That would have been epic. Tatonka!!!!!!

  1. Charles K

    considering how large the Buffalos are, the figures are actually in the 10 foot range. I have stood next to a fenced in buffalo and they can get over 2000 lbs and 7 feet at the hump. Thinker Thunker always stays on the conservative side which is wise. The last and largest one HAS to be a 10 footer. IMHO.

    • Patrick W

      Everything about “Stinker Funker” is fake. He pushing 10,000 subcribers in only 1 yr by lian his ass off to gullable people., TY for being honest to yourself and others here..

    • Patrick W

      Are you kidding ? Hes co signed every bigfoot video on youtube. Hes a amature w a camera and a con-man w a tip jar. The guy junped on the band wagon a yr ago. Never trust a smart ass, that wear a costume, gives a fake name and begs for xtra money.

  2. greg d

    At the start he says Old Faithful in Yosemite national park. Its Yellowstone. Intriguing clip. Its hard to be precise without knowing the exact lens, but at that distance, the depth of field is extremely compressed. Once you watch the whole video it appears to be nothing but people. Certainly no way to conclude anything due to the convenient timing of the end of the video.

  3. Robert D

    Just my opinion, but the four bipedals do not fit the profile of most Sasquatch descriptions. Most descriptions tell of the creatures having long thighs and short calves. Looking at all four, it seems to be 50-50 on thigh and calf length. Also, when we finally get to see the leader walk in the open, the arm while walking appears to be near waist level, again, not fitting with the ‘norm’ Sasquatch descriptions.

    They walk very stiff as well, not in the gliding, bent knee, hunched over walk described. The stride of all four doesn’t seem to be very large either.

    • james b

      In gonna have to agree with Robert D. These guys seem to be shuffling along kind of stiff legged, Not at all like what we have been hearing about their fluid gate , almost ghost like. My guess is this is not a hoax but probably some park employees up there for whatever reasons.

  4. Matt f

    Hmmm,comments about how they shuffle could be attributed to the deep snow.If you have walked thru deep dry snow its much easier to shuffle vs picking up your foot on each step plus its quieter.Very interesting if we are viewing real deal in hunting mode.Also time stamp from end of buffalo scene vs geyser.Never put past government wiping best part of video.Thanks thinkr thunkr.

  5. Jay R

    I live near buffalo in Golden Gate Park and many of my fellow neighborhood guys have tried stunts like this and have ended up in the hospital each and every time. Those big critters are out for a meal and setting the buffalo up for an easy meal. Do not mess with Buffalo because they will smash our human bodies for fun with no remorse.

  6. Esther P

    There’s a link to Mary’s original video on Thinker Thunker’s video. I noticed in both videos that there is “National Park Service” emblem in top left corner of video, & so I looked at the original & this video is from the public real-time web cams sponsored thru the Nat’l Park Service & it even has their web link. Don’t know about the rest of you, but that bugs me. Since when does the Nat’l Park Service or the Feds for that matter allow any Bigfoot info & evidence to be released to the public without censoring everything “Bigfoot”. And maybe Mary actually got the real deal when the Park Service was snoozing on the job…but I doubt it. Just my opinion.

  7. Robert D

    You can easily tell that the snow is not deep just by looking at the buffalo trudging through it. Barely up to their ‘ankles’, just like the snow at the bipedal’s feet. Scott M is correct, it looks like someone on snow shoes.

    Also, with all the moving back and forth and expanding the video, we really do not get to see how much time elapsed. My thought is that there are more park employees out in that area and thunker believes that they sprinted at 100mph to the right side of the camera’s view. Not the case. And to call it Bigfoot vs Buffalo is ridiculous. Neither group had interest in one another.

  8. Vicki W

    Agree with Robert. Those are people. Knees not bent, scuffling like snow shows or skis or something. Last guy looks like the torso is light colored like a coat and the arms are light at the forearms. I think the measurements are just off for whatever reason.

  9. Paul M

    Stinking thunder is off the mark. He thinks them buff are twix bars ripe for these dudes to snackage on.. alls good for his images – at least in his own head. It’s been 18 years sense I smoked that weed. Ya ya its better now I know.. but I’m not drink in this COOL-AID. PASS THE DOR I TOES I’m munched.

  10. Charles R

    Someone else showed these to be skiers quite a while back. These are not bigfoots people, not even close. 1/3 way up from wrists you have light clothing, meaning they are wearing dark over light, Also in first shot at beginning the arms are just below their hips. The legs do not achieve 73 degrees or more and the knees lock, bigfoot do not lock knees. The zoom putting the figures next to the buffalo are worthless as it creates a way over pixelated pic of blogs, my gosh the buffalo are unrecognizable as buffalo in that shot.

    TT has flipped his gourd after that ridiculous turkey hunter video and maybe can find a bigfoot anywhere. I was taken back by the way he treated followers in that Turkey Hunter vid and the way he attacked people that were pointing out the obvious.

      • Charles R

        Yes it was Jason, back in 2012 I believe. I immediately went to nearest supermarket and observed for an hour and everyone no matter build, body dimensions, or athletic ability walked with like what TT 21 degree video showed. I then watched looped Patty walk and the differences were remarkable and since Patty walked this way it is safe to assume all bigfoots walk this way.

        Anyway if someone wants a much better analysis of what this video is about watch the one Snow Walker Prime did yesterday and I doubt you will think these are bigfoots.


  11. Carrie D

    I wish it were a group of Sasquatch. However, I believe an explanation has been overlooked. Snowmobiling in Yellowstone is popular way to access the park in winter- particularly around Old Faithful- and people stepping off their machine to see a bit of the park is not a rare sight. We have been snowmobiling there and, due to the very severe cold and wind, we wore a full body suit (many of these are all black or dark materials especially from rental companies) that makes you look enormously huge and wide, a helmet that eliminates your neck and full gloves and boots that exaggerate proportions. The fact that the buffalo do not respond is not unusual. I also suggest that there are more than four snowmobilers in this picture which explains why the group “appears” to have passed so quickly. Some are behind the stand of trees already and then come walking out. There is no extreme height proven here. It’s not a hoax. Just mis-identification. It’s just people enjoying the park. You cannot help but run into herds of buffalo. We did. Often. Go to Google Images and type in “snowmobilers in Yellowstone”.

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