Jul 9

Bigfoot-like creature resides in the Mount St. Helens

College instructor Mitchel Townsend reported on his research paper which he believes proves that a Bigfoot-like creature resides in the Mount St. Helens area of Washington state. In 2013, he came upon a stack of deer bones, and noticed they had giant teeth marks notched into them– the markings did not fit any predator profile and were too large to have been made by humans. Further, large footprints with a length of 16 inches were found near the bones. Extrapolating the teeth and footprint measurements, Townsend concluded that the creature is around 8 ½ feet tall, with a wide stride.


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  1. Gabriel H

    I will say he has definitely given his best go at this. Meldrum was kind enough to critique his material work into something palatable enough for the scientific establishment. I hope some otherwise credentialed types not only take a bite but also have the gumption to swallow. Here’s hoping

  2. Steven B

    I wonder long before “Dirty Gary” Callahan shows up and “informs” Mr. Townsend: “Mr. Townsend, you don’t understand, the teeth marks are from a “bear”.” and then all the collected bones “disappear”….

    • Christopher c

      Boy you an’t lying Steven B. ,I still can’t get over the SASQUATCH BONES found near Grants Pass Or. on the Illinois River,I think about that report almost daily if not hourly, I really want to go up to the Oregon Caves Hwy. @ night to do some call blasts as well as play a re-looped recording of Pink Floyd’s Several species of small furry animals, I want to do this on a high mountain road pull out that overlooks a deep canyon so the echo will carry the sound for miles,I also want to do this same project on castle creek off of hwy.62 on the western side of Crater lake Or.It was here that I found flat footed prints of a juvenile Sasquatch in 2008 where no idiot would dare to go barefooted ,I know this because when my mom pulled over off the side of the road the truck was tilted sideways on a berm as the was no safe place to pull off and I had to go bad ,so I hopped out and started to walk and immediately hurt my foot on a pine cone so I hopped back in the truck to put my shoes on and started walking away from the road, as I walked I could hear water moving so I walked about 2 city blocks off the road to where the sound of water was coming from, as I got there I saw a very steep canyon that was about a 150 foot straight drop into a small creek I mean one more step and I am falling probably to my death, so I started to relieve myself when I noticed a bare flatfooted footprint next to where I was standing and the first thing that came to mind was what kind of idiot lets their kid walk out here barefooted and who would let him or her stand next to a sheer drop off with no guard rail in the middle of the Nat.Forest? that’s when it clicked in -these are not human,I ran back to the truck to get my disposable camera and took pictures,now the photograph sits autographed by Matt,Rene,Cliff, and Bobo on the fireplace mantle, I just wish I had a used Brinks truck that got the mileage of a prius to do my Squatchin’ in -I know Brinks truck with good gas mileage NOT! just wishful thinking,I figure you should be safe in an armored vehicle -that is if Sasquatch doesn’t get pissed and roll the whole vehicle off the road into the canyon LOL!

  3. Jan W

    Oops- my dog just hit “post comment” for me! As I was saying, I am hoping “our friend” Gary is retired, but I am sure their are others to replace him. Very interesting evidence collected; we can only hope it all doesn’t “disappear”…

  4. Papa - Yeti

    Speaking of teeth, they were mentioned in the Vietnam Sasquatch encounter I posted about on the Vietnam blog. as well it was special forces that encountered a estimated 8 foot Sasquatch with its lower half blown off, and its spine and other organs are visible within the bug infested carcass. The teeth were flat molars, and the canines were sharp. the nose was flat, and the eyes sunken in behind the brow ridge. (which could have been due to the carcass dehydrating. I only expected to hear it was a smaller rock ape, but its a Sasquatch of the upper half is anyway.

  5. Kent C

    This whole story, and the comments that follow it make me wonder about two wildly different questions relating to this matter:

    The first item is one that simply amazes me! …..I find it wholly remarkable that these biologists and paleontologists can deduce both the size and appearance of a creature from something as simple as a tooth!! (….Remember: Gigantopithecus is only known to us because of a bucket full of teeth and a couple of partial jaw fragments!)

    To quote Mark twain; “There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.”

    The second point that I wonder about concerns some of the issues surrounding “Gary Callahan” and his “Men In Black” butt buddies:

    I have to ask: “Just how long will REAL Americans tolerate having a “We-Know-What’s-Good-For-You” Nanny State forced down their throat by jackbooted thugs who threaten physical violence to any who resist????”

    I was raised by my Grandfather; …..And between his own kids and me, he didn’t raise any easily intimidated souls!!!!!!!!

    • Sean C

      They just don’t get raised like that anymore! They are geared toward instant gratification, materialism, and thinking that a smart ass mouth, is the same thing as being mentally tough and strength of body. I could go on about it forever, but it wouldn’t make any difference. I certainly do worry about the world that my daughters are growing up in, and I do my best, to help them see what is right and develop their character, strengthening both their bodies and their minds.


    • Steven B

      One of the problems is that these guys can act with impunity. If you defend yourself in a bad situation with them you’ll spend a long time proving it in the courts. These guys also can make people “disappear”. I heard George Knapp once tell of someone he was going to interview that later refused to speak to him because “someone” had called, said not to speak with George, told the individual exactly what route the individual and daughter always drove to work, and then said “it’d be a real shame to have both of you have a fatal accident on that lonely route.”

      • Kent C

        “…..These guys also can make people “disappear.”

        Steven: …..I understand that! ….Clearly! …..And it’s not just the BF issue that provokes these threats: ….It happens in many, many other “areas of interest” that “The-Powers-That-Be” do not want you sticking your nose into.

        Get too close to the Groom Lake Complex or Dugway Proving Grounds, and the unmarked cars show up. Ask a Congressman the wrong question about his personal finances, and you get a “visit”. Subscribe to the wrong Internet site, and people at the NSA begin to know YOU by first name! ………And if you are a persistent person, the implied threat is always the same: …Push too far, and “Unfortunate Accidents” could occur!!

        We all have heard about this stuff: …..Some of us have experienced it. …..I guess the real question here is: “How do YOU feel about it when you wake up one morning, and suddenly realize that your Government is using the same tried and true tactics that were perfected and made popular by men like Stalin and Mao??”

        Personally, ……I feel sick to my stomach!

        • Steven B

          Well, Kent, in answer to “How do YOU feel about it when you wake up one morning, and suddenly realize that your Government is using the same tried and true tactics that were perfected and made popular by men like Stalin and Mao??”:

          Please see this comment I made on a previous post and then skip down about 4 replies to another flood of words. It will tell you *exactly* what I feel and where I stand In a nutshell, PO’d would be a mild term.

          Here is the post in relation to a set of remains being found and confiscated:

          Cheers, Kent
          We’re cut from the same cloth…
          Your Friendly Neighborhood Samquanch and Apprenticing Curmudgeon 1st Class
          Steve, RGV TX

    • Dave T

      You’re the exception to the rule. Most people are sheep. They do what they’re told, even who to vote for. That’s why more than half the country is on the govt dole. The entitlement generation that wants given everything will bring down this country as we know it. It’s very sad where we are headed.

  6. Greg V

    I’ve never been to that part of the World, but I heard Mitchell say at 17:26 “..the south side of Mt. St. Helen’s, by the Lewis (Louis??) Riverside…” as one location where evidence was found. Isn’t that the location that Wes and Woody had their encounter?

  7. Andrew L

    Wes, I know that for a while now, you’ve been saying you think this thing is an Ape. When I hear people like Mitchel Townsend say that it’s a “hybrid,” I kinda cringe because that word has a kind of sci-fi ring to it but after a couple years of listening to all these people and reports I think that’s pretty much what it is. I think THAT is the problem with why any governmental body may want to suppress this information- because, how do we classify it? More importantly, how do we TREAT it? Are they human or ape? Do they have rights? What do we do? THAT is the root of the issue here. Think of the implications. How do we deal with this reality?

  8. Andrew L

    Think of the kind of scientific, ethical and human/animal rights debates this discovery would ultimately create. When this species is confirmed, it’s going to spark a whirlwind of controversy. This could be a huge issue.

  9. Kent C

    Trust me! ….The “Human Rights” aspect of this issue will not be addressed until Washington figures out which way the critters are likely to vote!!

  10. Donald B.


  11. Kim L

    Thanks, Steven B, for the link to your previous post. Can’t add anything to that, you said it all. Also, good advice to all in your current post on dealing with govt reps. We have nothing to gain by getting sassy with these guys, they know exactly what your rights are, and what the legal limits of their authority are. If they choose to ignore those, becoming physically belligerent will not correct the situation, you will just find yourself in deeper kimchee. Often, as hard as is to swallow, discretion really is the better, or smarter, part of valor. Do what you must to get rid of these scroats and, if you believe the law was broken, file a report with your local sheriff or police dept. pronto. Thanks again Steven B.

    • Steven B

      Hi Kim

      It’s nice to know that you appreciate what I’ve said. I figured the link was the best thing rather than re-iterate everything again.

      I’m sure it is extremely frustrating for you, others, as well as myself, when people that are in “authority” in America… who took an oath the uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies…abuse the very people, the Constitution they “swore” to uphold, was designed to protect. Sometimes if I could spit fire I would be. To me it is like being put in a sandbox with the neighborhood bully and told, “Oh, you must play nice with him. If he does anything to you, we’re tying your hands behind your back and hobbling you at the ankles so you can’t defend yourself.”

      If I had power and influence, trust me, every one of these sick, twisted, perverted, un-American megalomaniacs would be brought into the full light of day and prosecuted for every act of oppression, violence, deception and harm that they perpetrated on any American. There would not be cave dark and deep enough for these and the superiors giving the orders to hide in.

      Cheers, Kim, My Brother in the Unwashed,

      • Kim L

        Dang!! why didn’t I say that ? Very well put. When “they” finally realize that you and I should be in charge, we’ll correct all this scat real quick and in a hurry. I’m not being sarcastic, how it got to this kind of situation, I’ve really no clue, the nation started out with such good intentions. The founding authors wrote protections against this scenario, I think they just couldn’t forsee such a blatant and ruthless misuse of authority. Keep saying what you say so well, if you need someone on your six, say the word.

        • Steven B

          When “they” finally realize that you and I should be in charge…we’ll probably both have mysterious deaths – like “suicide – stabbed himself in the back 27 times” (apologies to Rowen Atkinson for borrowing from “Black Adder”).

          Thanks, Kim! I get the feeling you are a Veteran. If so, my profound thanks for your service!

          • Kim L

            Thank you Steven, I’ll always be a Marine, ask my wife, thanks from you means a lot. We’re just doing last minute stuff before heading out, you know, the trip wires and “things”. You may be interested to read “Kiss the Boys Goodbye” written by the 60 Minutes folks. It details the cover up of the POWs we left in north viet nam. Many examples of how they can force men of integrity to silence, paint Heroes as cowards, and just blatantly lie to any entity of oversight. It is guaranteed to make you feel really bad, such disrespect for everything right and decent. And now we witness it with something as simple as acknowledging the existence of an animal. Tell you what, when it’s time for our “suicides” we can stab each other in the back 27 times, I’d at least meet my end at the hands of an honorable man. Now, to the beach !

          • Steven B

            Dang – the silly thing didn’t leave me a reply button on your reply, Kim. Take care of yourself.

            I am humbled that you think so well of me, my friend. This may sound very un-Christian of me, but, rather than stab each other in the back for our “ordained” demise be the unscrupulous powers that be, how ’bout if we went down “back to back” shouting at our tormentors, in the words of Rooster Cogburn (True Grit), “Fill your hands you Son of a B****!!!.” Then again I’ve never been in fire fight and I think I would prefer to head for good cover while laying down heavy suppressive fire… 😉

            Kim, you have my utmost respect. I have a real good friend here in the RGV that is a Vietnam Vet – he was on the Stonewall Jackson Sub (I think was the name) Special Operations. I also had 2 great Uncles and a Step-Grandfather that were WWII Vets. One of the 2 Uncles was 4th wave in on D-Day combined Canadian/American forces.

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