Oct 7

Bigfoot: Beyond The Footprints

The XenoHunter writes “Hello everyone, Qituvituaq here! Today’s video delves deep into the rich cultural beliefs and encounters of the indigenous tribes of the Pacific Northwest with the enigmatic Sasquatch and the mysterious Seeahtik Indians.

We explore various names the tribes have given to Sasquatch, like “Skanicum” by the Lake Band of Indians and “Choanito” by the Wenatchee Indians. You’ll be fascinated to hear of beliefs that depict Sasquatch’s ability to transform into a tree and the astonishing accounts of a woman who was held captive by Sasquatch, only to later give birth to a child with distinct features.
We’ll also venture into the folklore surrounding the Seeahtik Indians.

Described as exceptionally tall beings with hairy bodies and supernatural abilities, these entities have made quite an impact on local tribes. Their encounters range from playful pranks to more sinister acts like kidnapping. Their habitation sites and seasonal movements add another layer of mystery to their existence.
Additionally, we’ll delve into a personal narrative from Western Montana about encounters with the “Hairy Man.” This narrative, filled with tales of intrusion, fright, and ultimately violence, shows the lengths the indigenous community goes to protect their own and the secrets they harbor.

I encourage all viewers to approach these stories with an open mind and a deep respect for the traditions and experiences of these indigenous communities.”

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  1. CJ M

    After watching this video, sounds just like what we hear from the community, runs the totality of reports, they’re not just one way……I’m thinking forrest gump….”life is like a box of chocolates” Evidently so is bigfoot.

    He seemed to repeat one thing though……..they steal women. Keep that in mind.

    • Ron S

      CJ M, maybe they do or did steal women. The first sighting I had was when I was fishing a river while my gal was reading a book and sitting just a few feet away behind me. It seemed to impossibly emerge out from behind a much smaller tree than itself as a very large hairy “something” I couldn’t identify. This also falls into the beliefs expressed in the video.

      It (imo) intentionally kept itself hidden from her point of view or line of sight as she turned to look in that direction, but at the same time it revealed itself within my line of sight.

      Ever since that day I was always hesitant about her going with me back to that location as I had a gut feeling it was very interested in her in a very creepy way.

      With everything combined from my experiences, I think there is a great possibility that many encounters of various creatures or beings could be related to each other through a deep unrecognized fear.

      I think it’s very possible that a dark intelligence we might not be able to visually see or identify is at work in many of these cases. It might even be safe to say it could be a negative or demonic presence, one that manifests itself in different forms according to these deep seeded emotional fears within ourselves.

      Obviously, I would be terrified at the thought of losing the one I love, to another person or in any way imaginable really. Maybe something was able to use, (or allowed by God to use) that fear against me in a more physical or visual way in this realm… but maybe within certain guidelines. Idk, I’m just speculating.

      If we were to look at Indigenous peoples of long ago and their lifestyles, they didn’t have nearly as many modern day stresses or distractions as we deal with now in a technological, political and world oriented society with more oppressions, rules, laws and ultimately more fears.

      The indigenous peoples stresses or fears were derived with much more focus on basic needs, such as survival and the bond with family or their tribe. They were much more in tune and connected with the Earth also, possibly making their beliefs to the spirit world and the happenings within this reality as equally as tangible.

      This would make those paths to their specific fears in that time very strong and powerful, maybe even powerful enough to give rise to an even more physical manifestation of a creature that remained in this reality longer, one with even more physical interaction than we see today…And could indeed take your wife or children.

      Maybe that is the same energy or manifestation we still see being reported today. One that has lingered around (for God know how long) still looking for more fear to feed on… To become part of this realm.

      A dark entity could have based itself on or used those deep focused fears within the reality that indigenous peoples had, losing a wife or child back then by way of animal attack (such as a bear or wolf), or through someone in their own family or tribe, or even a person or group from a warring party or tribe.

      What if this conglomerate of fear from both man and beast melds itself together into a bit of both (by way of a dark intelligence) which in turn gives us a Bigfoot type creature or even a dogman?

      This is why the Bible, Jesus and the word of God is very important and makes so much sense as an instruction manual to life. No matter the time and place or the technological advancements we attain, we will always have fears. The word of God gives you instructions by way of Commandments on how to live more virtuously.

      With more virtue in the world you see less negativity overall which subsides and starves many fears we could potentially give a dark entity more power with.

      Jesus tells you flat out “fear no evil”… In layman’s terms as I understand it, or believe it to be, he is basically saying do not give an unholy entity more power through the fear, path or portal in which it came or derives power from.

      We do indeed need to walk through the valley of this lifetime while remaining in the shadow of our own inescapable mortality and do so without much fear… Fear is a destroyer of both the self as well as the collective. A rocking boat makes waves far beyond what you can see.

      Sometimes we look around and wonder who our modern day role models are supposed to be. Personally I don’t think we need to look anywhere else for guidance or perfection or an updated role model beyond The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit… Amen.🌞🙏🏼

      P.S. If you can’t memorize scripture or even read or even have eyes that see… If you can sing or even have a voice… If you can’t make it to church or even have both of your hands to put together in prayer it’s ok.

      I personally believe it’s all forgivable as long as you simply try your best to live by the basics of scripture, and just try to continually keep increasing your faith and be a better you for yourself, The Creator and also everyone else.
      I think that ultimately our true communication to God is coming from within and though ourselves.

      A sense of faith in (and connection to) community is also important, so wether it be at a church, in a nursing home, farmers market, the VFW, a festival or anywhere really, if we are around others we can strive to be more aware of this connection to community no matter where we are or where we go.

      Don’t forget your sense of community to the natural world as well. Very important.

      Help, protect and uplift each other. Not everything you carry with you has to be like luggage or a burden… it can be quite the opposite.🙂

      • Ron S

        I just thought of something that backs up my theory.

        It also makes sense through thinking about indigenous lifestyles of the past that they had the fear of the Wendigo…

        This was simply another physical manifestation of a fear based creature that made more sense long ago. It arrived or was created in this realm through their own heavy and realistic fear of starvation.

        I can’t imagine the horrifying accounts or true events in their own past history they were aware of. They probably had heard of many unspeakable events where people starved through harsh winters and had to resort to eating fellow tribesmen to survive.

        This is why it’s unspeakable to them even today, even to mention the creatures name out loud. The thought and fear of it also feeds it and gives it power to become more real.

        If you don’t know about this creature, it is directly related to starvation if you think about it… where man becomes partly animalistic to survive on human flesh.

        This is the kind of fear you’d rather forget now. It’s also a fear based creature that isn’t reported hardly ever anymore because starvation isn’t a wide spread fear-based thought at this point in time. Makes sense..

        I would say that these creatures through myths and legends still exist (or be “available”) as a manifestation option for a dark entity to use, in the event we do become overly fearful of a food shortage I’d imagine… Especially with such a large population now where resources could go quick.

        Once again, The Holy Instruction Manual tells you not to live in fear or stockpile excess, that the faithful will be under the Lords protection. This makes sense too.

        I think what we’re dealing with throughout any point or time in history is becoming the victims of our own fear based creatures that we created and allowed into this reality a long time ago.

        As technology and civilization changes, so will we create new kinds of fears and also new manifestations, gateways or fear based creature options for dark energies to use or disguise itself as.

        Technological fear probably creates things like Orbs, UAP’s or E.T.’s.
        Fear of War may possibly incite War. Etc

        Maybe my own personal fears of both technology and past fears of Sasquatch were the explanation why I saw a hairy creature with no obvious head walking on the side of the road with an orb shining next to it. I think it may have been a combination of two fears in one.

        Did I just solve everything? Maybe so… but if not, it still seems very possible and also something to think about. And I’ll still keep trying for new answers if it isn’t.

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