Sep 12

Bigfoot and Beyond: Clobo’s Catch-Up!

Bigfoot and Beyond writes “Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay catch up about possible activity on Cliff’s property, new insights into the Freeman Video, the celebrity status of Bobo’s trailer, and the Bobes gives us a new “Bobo’s Story Time” detailing his adventures in a Shelby Cobra! The boys also discuss a few news items with ‘squatchy relevance.”

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  1. Ron S

    Entertaining show guys:)
    Thanks to Cliff for acknowledging that old school film is much higher quality than modern digital recording. Modern digital technology no matter how HD will never prove anything in the way of “evidence”from here on out, trust me on this.

    Anything can be deep faked now when AI gets its digits on those pixels (I wouldn’t doubt at this point that video can be tampered with remotely in real time as you’re recording with connectivity as well).

    The day you take digital technology as 100% truth is the day you lose control over your freedom, and the real truth.

    There must be safeguards, watermarks or digital signatures put in place to ensure or prove when digital audio or video has or hasn’t been altered or tampered with. I’m not even sure if that is possible anymore.

    Maybe someone could invent this digital encryption just for cryptids… encryptids?

    Over the years we have gone from a gentle loving push towards the web into this giant shove of absolutely everything being connected to the internet now, it should raise peoples suspicions more I think, especially after realizing the dangers it could pose now.

    As far as my thoughts on evidence… If you’re into trying to eventually prove something to the public now with credibility, I believe you have to go old school film. A digital “web” is only good for trapping people.

    You’d be better off carrying a cheap disposable film camera.
    Track castings are ok I suppose, but why isn’t anyone swabbing those prints for DNA before hand? Seems like common sense to me. Someone out there must have a rich uncle who would love to donate in seeing some results.🧐

    Sometimes I seriously think intelligence (memory) has no connection to common sense or reason and then spirituality is also its own characteristic of knowledge as well.

    It’s not common to find people who are a good blend of all those qualities (other than maybe Jordan Peterson)… But hey, I’m still hoping researchers can find some evidence for themselves to feel validated. People deserve to be happy and enjoy what they are doing.😊

    You won’t see me standing on the sidelines of the Squatchery within the Hominoidalists yet while shaking a leafy bush in each hand and cheering them on yelling “Go Team Go, Rah Rah Rah!”. But it also doesn’t mean we all can’t get along or learn and appreciate something from each other within our different outlooks on life as well.

    I really like that Cliff and Bobo seem like good people and that’s good enough for me. I will now forgo the Sesame Street song by Cookie Monster at this point and save you the stupidity of hearing “C” is for Cliffy… You’re welcome.

    Have a great day everyone!🌞

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