Aug 21

Bigfoot and Beyond: Bobo’s First Sighting

Bigfoot and Beyond writes “While Cliff Barackman is out in the field, producer Matt Pruitt interviews James “Bobo” Fay in this new episode! Many of you have asked about Bobo’s first sighting, and he gives us all of the details, including the terrifying close encounter he had a few nights prior!”

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  1. Ron S

    The voice BoBo talks about is pretty spot on… you don’t actually hear it externally. It sort of bypasses the process within your eardrums and is directly interpreted by your brain, but you understand it just as well as if hearing it.

    I’ve experienced this at least once so powerfully where it was more of a command, but not as coming from a Sasquatch or any identifiable entity… Sometimes the experience can feel more subtle like a finely tuned intuition, a premonition or even gut instinct… the result is spookily spot on correct regardless. And no it doesn’t work on the lottery, I tried forcing it and nothing 😂

    I found a live pistol submerged in a lake within about 2 seconds once by receiving a message in such a way. I don’t think I would’ve even looked or ever found it otherwise… I was honestly about to go home and not try.

    Idk what the source was but it definitely wanted me to take the weapon out of the the lake for some reason. And yes I had a witness.

    I know it’s hard for anyone to fathom such a situation and I wouldn’t believe it myself if it didn’t happen to me.

    So yeah, it is what it is and I can only make a guess where the information comes from at any given occurrence. Sometimes it’s helpful and keeps me safe and other times seems like more of a party trick or at least as validation, of something.

    If I wasn’t use to weird things like this happening previously I probably would’ve freaked out or thought I had superpowers or something 😆 that frame of thinking would not be good in my opinion… and besides, I need all the help I can get sometimes:)

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