Dec 18

Bigfoot and Beyond: A Possible Sasquatch Video from Oregon!

Bigfoot and Beyond writes “Cliff Barackman speaks with a woman who might’ve gotten video of a sasquatch recently in the great state of Oregon! This episode covers the story behind the video, Cliff’s investigation, the reactions from outsiders, and more!”

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  1. Charles R

    The video if you do not have facebook can be seen here. She did a great hour long interview with Cliff above. And a few days after she video the subject Cliff drove a total of 500 plus miles to Eastern Oregon to investigate all day. He noted that the trees in the foreground are very close, while the subject is maybe 1000 feet away and that the mountain it is climbing is 45 to 50 degree slope. It seems it would have taken a very athletic and in shape person to want to tackle this, especially in 30 degree weather. This video is courtesy of Rocky Mountain Sasqautch as she conversed with Kelly also and Kelly’s comments are included in this12 minute clip. I should note Cliff Bararkman after spending a day with her leans towards it being an actual Sasquatch.

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