Jan 7

Bayley Lake Track Way

Grassman58 writes “We found several different size tracks in the mud around Bayley Lake in September of this year. We feel that these maybe possible juvenile tracks.”


Bayley Lake Track Way Part Two
Day 2 and 3 was following tracks and casting. Also we found a 3rd smaller track and had a conversation with a fisherman.


Bayley Lake Tracks Q/A
Discussing and answering questions about the tracks we found at Bayley Lake.

6 Responses to “Bayley Lake Track Way”

  1. Richard S

    awesome discovery and research! i think the good Dr. and celebrity need to get their feet on the ground before they make their assessments. Grassman58 keep up the great work! Wes maybe this guy has some good intel to share?

  2. Charles R

    This is some great documentation by Grassman 58. Contrary to Cliff and the Dr. I think you found a fabulous Sasquatch trackway, but I could be wrong. The stride and depth and comparison to your own foot are what win me over. A human can not do 3 to 4 foot strides in this substrate, with little to no straddle, not for hundreds of yards. It could be a small female with her youngsters. Or it could be a big sister with her siblings. I think you should send in this entire documentary to Cliff for now and see if he thinks and different.

  3. Diana M

    He makes a very good case. I have many grandchildren and not one of them could match that stride, and if you could even get them out in that kind of terrain in bare feet, they would be taking tiny, careful little mincing steps and act like their leg was broken if they stepped on a rock. The one print with the big toe spread out totally convinced me. I think he found good evidence.

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