Mar 15

At First I Thought It Was Someone In A Bigfoot Costume

A listener writes “I wanted to share my experience since it has us really scratching our heads. Around 2006-2007 off of Marriottsville Road, we were leaving a friends house about 1am-ish. About a trucks length in front of us we saw, what we thought, was someone dressed in a Bigfoot costume. He had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting it.

It walked across the two lane back road in 3 or 4 strides very casually, from a construction area where new houses were being built on the right hand side and crossed to a farm field on our left. At the time we were in a sports car lower to the ground so I truly can’t tell you how tall this thing was. However, I don’t think even a tall human could possibly walk across a two lane road that quickly without making it look like they are putting effort into it.

We ended up driving past it but we did turn around to see if we could catch them crossing the road again or maybe even see them in the very large farm field but it was no longer there. We truly thought being in a rural area it was just a teenager pulling a prank but now we are really wondering if we saw this alleged Sykesville Monster.”


The Sykesville Monster

The Sykesville Monster is a hairy humanoid from Sykesville, Maryland, which has been sighted since the 1970s. The Sykesville Monster is a 7 to 8 feet tall hairy humanoid. It is dark brown in color. Casts of the monster’s footprints were taken, which are 13 inches long and 7 inches wide.


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