Feb 20

A S’Klallam Bigfoot Story


We’re honored to share a story about the Port Gamble S’Klallam tribe and seeahtkch, or sasquatch. The story is told by Gene Jones, recorded by his niece, Francine Swift, both of the Port Gamble S’Klallam tribe. We’ve been given permission to share from Jonathan Brown’s family members, Francine & Will Swift.

13 Responses to “A S’Klallam Bigfoot Story”

  1. craig b

    wow, a pet squatch for 2 months. if that isn’t the best way for a teenage boy to meet girls I don’t know what is. I can see it now,…”hey girls, wanna see my large hairy man?”

  2. bill l

    No reason not to believe this story. Compelling evidence that sasquatch is more than a predatory ape, the paradigm that seems to be held by this show. Yes, they are dangerous and I’m not someone who thinks I’m going to go in the forrest and find one, give him some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a bag of mars bars and we’ll be buddies.They are too smart, at least some of them, to be apes.I think it is possible for the right person and the right sasquatch under the right circumstances to establish a relationship of mutual trust.This sasquatch was grateful and brought gifts for his human friends. That’s no monkey.

  3. margaret h

    Love hearing the stories handed down the generations. Wish there were more or a tome like the Bible. Another website perhaps devoted to Indigenious stories. I know that Indegenious folk are reluctant to share and who could blame them. Too many tragic reasons not to trust outsiders. Sad that we of the “modern world” are conditioned to dismiss anything not fed to us by those in charge of the “Acceptable Information Brigade”. Time is right. Bring it on. As “free citizens” we can choose to be open to hearing others or closed to hearing what others have to say. Cheers and Grateful Thanks to the S’Klallam tribe for sharing. Mx

  4. daniel l

    If this story is true, we must re-think our preconceived notion of the level of intelligence this animal possesses. This story leads me to believe that these creatures possess a similar level of intellect as human beings. If we took a human at birth, refuse to teacht it language or other modern knowledge, it would act similarly to Sasquatch.

  5. Kim

    What an honor! To be trusted enough to relay time honored stories. I agree with Margaret, they should be written down, so outside peoples can appreciate them. Thankyou Jon and Sara Brown!

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