Aug 11

Upcoming Show: A massive human looking thing with red hair

A listener writes “It was the fall of 1994 when I had my encounter. This took place in northern New Hampshire.

It was a warm fall day must have been in the 70’s that day. The foliage was absolutely beautiful. So I decided to take a walk into the woods that day. I grew up loving the forest and nature. As kids we would play paintball every weekend.

So I was a good hour/hour and a half into the woods, the forest was alive with activity that day, birds chirping, frogs croaking and squirrels running about. I came to an area when I noticed the lack of all sound. I was taught that if this happens chances are that a predator is nearby. So I stopped and looked around, at about 200 to 250 feet in front of me was this massive human looking thing with red hair all over its body except its face and hands, like an orangutans. It had hands and not paws. It looked like a jacked up basketball player. Its face looked like a baboon but its skin was a charcoal black.

The thing was at least 10 feet tall if not more. It had its back against a telephone pole and it looked as if it was scratching its back. Its arms where out in front of it as it moved side to side scratching its back. The hair on its arms was about 8 inches long. I could see the muscles in its legs and arms. It never once looked in my direction. Every ounce of my being was telling me to run. I slowly began walking to my right, looking over my shoulders to make sure it was not coming. Once I heard the birds again is when I felt save enough to run. I never told anyone this until (2017) I will never forget that day.’

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  1. Tedd

    Thank the lord that thing was occupied! That could have ended badly but must have been terrifying as it was. Did you get a good look at the face or hear anything over time that makes you think they were normally in the area? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jeffrey H

    That’s scary enough to run right by your parked car and run all the way home with out stopping! Not sleep for a week either. Damn, glad you made it out of thar alive. I believe that particular type is a mean one too. It’s not going to come over, sit on the porch with you while hanging it’s lip on a cold one and talk sports. Though it would be nice. Let it live in your garage so you can study him!

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