Jun 26

1994 Ohio Howl vs S.E. Oklahoma Moan

This was the first recording ever obtained of a long moaning howl vocalization. It was recorded in Columbiana County, in the hills above Wellsville. These moaning siren-like howls can be heard on occasion late at night in the Fall, echoing off hills on both sides the Ohio River. West Virginia is on the other side of the river.





Here is the one I posted the other day from S.E. Oklahoma. Notice hoe similar these two sounds are







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  1. anthony m

    I enjoy the show but members are told there will be 75% more content than the non-paying listeners and as a member I am just not seeing this extra content anymore., especially as of late. During the first few months the extra content was there but not anymore, not lately. Honestly I really enjoyed the show when Will and Shannon were co-hosting. There was just lots more going on just about every nite.

    • Debbie C

      I too agree with your comment Anthony M.
      I wish Will and Shannon would return as co hosts.
      I’ll wait this out, if this problem doesn’t improve I’ll withdraw my membership.

      • JOHN E

        IN A WAY you guys are right but hey lets help the guy out its the best site and maybe that 7 dollors a mo. will help brig a bigfoot in someday….. it takes a lot of work a lot it will get better .

  2. Christopher c

    That first picture ,is identical to the type of place where I had my encounter in Shasta county 1992 just put pine and cedar trees there instead,this same type power line right of way is what seemed to have helped save my A.. that hot August night,for what ever reason the giant two legged creature did not want to come out into the open, it must have been just staring at me as I came out under the power lines and stood there in complete fear and panic heart racing as I contemplated my next move all the while my head on a swivel like the lady explained a few shows back and like Stu was saying he could feel this thing move or vibrate the ground ,that’s what I was dealing with for 1/4 of a mile just 20-30 feet off to my right until I came out under those power lines and the thing just stopped short of the timberline,that thing had to have weighed as much as a horse or a cow but was walking on two legs and broke branches at what seemed to be above my head level as it walked and the dead timber breaking on the ground was like what a car would do if it could make it through the forest you just heard these super super loud popping sounds as it walked when I walked ,stopped when I stopped and continued like that for a full 1/4 mile, man I feel lucky to be here and live to talk about it,it just didn’t sink in how lucky until I started listening to the Dave Paulides stuff.

  3. Papa - Yeti

    Wes, I have a theory for the Red eyes, it is a far out one, just as are the reported glowing red eyes. I have search and found tiny bioluminescent earthworms and millipedes they could very well be a food source from under the forest floor moss like organic layer.

    Bioluminescence – Millipede ‘Motyxia Sequoia
    Taken as barrowed / shared from Live –Science
    Paul Marek is an assistant professor in the department of Entomology as Virginia Tech. He contributed this article to Live Science. I post it here with no claim to ownership and post for educational reasons only.

    There’s something inherently magical, even surreal, about seeing hundreds of glowing millipedes scattering across the ground of a Sequoia grove on a moonless night in Sequoia National Park.
    Every evening, these creatures – which remain hidden underground during the day – emerge and initiate a chemical reaction to produce a Green –blue glow, a process called bioluminescence. The eerie night lights of these millipedes highlight species known as Motyxia.
    Motyxia, which are the only known bioluminescent millipedes, are found solely in small regions of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California. But various types of bioluminescent creatures live throughout the United States. They include:
     Railroad worms, a beetle that look similar to a millipede but has a string of lights down each of its side resembling the lit windows of a passing train at night.

     Glowworms with bioluminescent lamps on their heads.

     Fly larvae with the bluest bioluminescence in the insect world.

     Firefly larvae that have two abdominal lamps in their tail.

     And luminescent earthworms.

    If you would like to see bioluminescent creatures, visit a moist area, such as a gully or a streamside, in a deep dark forest at night –preferably in the early summer right after a rain.

    Focus on tiny specks of light, which may be firefly larvae. These organisms may quickly turn off their lights when approached – but then turn them on again. SO it you initially see a twinkle, note its position relative to nearby stationary objects so that you may see it light up again.
    If you want to light your path as you walk, use red light to maintain your light – adapted vision.

    Why the turn on?

    When you observe bioluminescence, you may wonder about the purpose of this illuminating phenomenon. My research on Motyxia indicates “Glow Means No! To predators, that these 60 – legged creatures are armed and dangerous; any predator that riles a Motyxia risks (writes Paul Marek upon Live – science), being squirted by toxins, including hydrogen cyanide, and extremely poisonous gas, which the millipede releases when it feels threatened.
    The suggestion that Motyxia’s glow wards off marauding nocturnal predators is supported by the fact that Motyxia are blind, so their visual signaling can only be seen by members of other species, such as Predators.

    There is more to read of Paul Marek can be read in full upon Live-science Dot com

    I claim no ownership to Paul Marek’s posting upon live – science and post this information for educational and entertainment reasons only.

    my say
    Now it takes a lot of protean to fuel a huge 700 plus pound Sasquatch, So I ‘m going to support the theory that Sasquatch consume a great deal of forest insect, fungi, lichen, worms are a high protean source.

    Motyxia has an eastern United States Cousin that has a Red mix color glow.

    So here is my big what it?

    What if Sasquatch are Eating Bioluminescent earthworms and in some way the eyes of Sasquatch in some way secretes a bioluminescent tear or it directly alters some part of the eyes directly. Now before I had written that Primates cannot cry. What if Sasquatch can cry, and thus further strengthens the Hypothesis that Sasquatch is more human – like than primate – like. I know all of this is a heck of a big what if, but it’s the closes thing that makes somewhat sense to me pertaining to the red glowing eyes and reasoning of why and how.

    What if Sasquatch can eat Motyxia without being affected, or what if eating the tiny toxic millipede give Sasquatch a slight high, a euphoric effect, and tickly funny feeling between its eyes, liken to the Euphoric high of eating Chocolate. Or Nutmeg seed which gives one a hallucinogenic high if a large quantity is eaten. (Which is a very danger endeavor so do not try eating nutmeg at home.)

    We have to explore all possibilities, especially if the Answers seem so far out there, as far out there as red glowing – Bioluminescent eyes.

  4. Richard C

    Someone made the comment that they enjoyed the show better when Will and Shannon were on, I disagree. Wes and his brother started the show. People signed up or listened in the beginning because of them. I had the impression sometimes that Will wouldn’t always share everything with us, the instance that comes to mind (and it bothers me a bit… I don’t dwell on it 😉 ) is when his insider told him how many different types there were. Will originally announced that he was told that there were 3 different types, then “Coonbo” jumped in and said “YES” and I have a friend who has seen a 4th type that he calls the “little people/rock apes etc”. Then Will jumped in and said yes that he was told that there are 4 types (when he originally said 3). I think if Coonbo hadn’t mentioned that 4th type, Will would have never told us. Of course that’s a guess on my part, but listen to the episode. It’s clear as day. Then there were other things that Will would do during interviews (I’m not going to go into those here) that made it seem he wanted to demonstrate his knowledge above people like CoonBo, Bear and Bob (those three guys I would bet have far more experience and knowledge than Will). So, I disagree with the comments above, Wes and his brother Woody started this show and it’s them that I like listening to. It still bothers me to think at how Will (and Shannon) “Jumped” ship so quickly and turned on his friends so quickly, there was one other thing he did as well that was pretty underhanded, but that one I’m not going to mention. On Shannon we were told that she was called names, which is terrible and wrong, and I would imagine the TROLLS had something to do with that. But didn’t someone say she was on another show now? If she jumped ship because of the name calling, I could accept that, but if she’s now on another show, putting herself out there, well that’s a different story. I’m guessing that she just “followed” Wills lead. Who knows maybe the Trolls threatened them with the loss of something or had something on them to make them jump the way they did. We’ll never know the truth. At one time I loved that team of people, they all worked well together, but that’s over. Someone mentioning how great Will and Shannon were, triggered this response. Had to get this off of my chest. Wes you’re doing a great job.

    • Steven B

      This is only speculation, but I sometimes wondered if both Shannon and Will maybe got the kind of phone calls and emails that Wes was/is getting – threatening ones from people that can make “bad things happen”. The same disgusting, reprehensible SOBs that are American only in their birth and not in their being and should be sitting in a prison cell and not free to impose their sick, twisted, degenerate, perverse, bastardized version of America on Americans.

      • Kent C

        Steven: ……Once again you have stated the case perfectly!

        I have been wondered the same thing myself. (…..And that’s the reason I haven’t been more verbal about Will and Shannon’s “departure”!)

        …..And if anyone else out there is saying to themselves; “OH GIVE ME A BREAK!…. STOP WITH THE CONSPIRACIES!!”, ……..I can only say that unless you have actually had an adversarial encounter with one of “The Alphabet Agencies”, you just can’t understand how dirty and brutal they can get!!!

        ……..And it’s all done in the name of “Protecting” America!!!

      • Christopher c

        Steven B. I’m with you man stop the madness! I will just say this man,yesterday there was a section of the 11 o’clock news covering the S.F. bay area where I am from,well the strangest thing happened on the news,there was a report that there was 15……..yes 15 great white sharks swimming just offshore from Seacliff State Beach also known as the cement ship,anyways the marine biologists said that this is a once and a lifetime event and guess what ? they said people are still allowed in the water! WTF! that’s like playing Russian roulette with innocent lives! all for a little more revenue?my God this is just like the movie Jaws when the Game warden said get everyone out of the water! there is a man eater out there and here comes the greedy Governor saying no, no,no the fourth of July is our biggest week of revenue the beaches stay open ! at the expense of a few more civilians! I guess we are chopped liver when it comes to the generation of Federal and State revenues!

      • diana m

        Yup, I had my computer messed with by some minimum wage geek & a couple of text messages from 11111111111 some low- level moron also. If I were them, I wouldn’t come any closer to me. Idiots.

        • Christopher c

          Diana M. that 11111111111 really tripped me out to where I wanted to ask my sister who just retired from NSA about black phones or government throwaway phones that can’t be traced.

          • Steven B

            Christopher, maybe you should ask your sister who who most likely authorize threats, like Bob G received, and/or carry them out. Diana, it sounds like you may have some defensive measures – if it is possible to expose these slimeballs to the full light of day that they shrivel like salted slugs on black asphalt or crawl back into the sewage they were spawned from – I, for one, would sure like to see it.

          • Christopher c

            As soon as I can ask her I will ,whenever I ask questions like that I always make sure she is with me which is hardly ever since she lives @ Ft. Mead MD., I never would ask her anything on her phone just in case there is something I ask that might put her retirement in danger,I did however ask her about if she believed in Bigfoot and she said there is no doubt they are there. I don’t know if anyone remembers the missionaries that were taken hostage in Columbia by the F.A.R.C. but my sister was actually the one who gave the special forces the coordinances to go in and locate the hostages so they could be freed and brought back to safety, of course nobody in my family would know about that until like a year or two after the fact.

      • Robert V

        I’m sure they were threatened as well. I’m convinced we no longer live in the United States of America, but the Socialist Republic of America. Not trying to get political, but the least thing a socialist likes is to be criticized. Steven, I’ll bet they were threatened, just like Bob was, Wes was, and others.

        • Kent C

          “…….. Not trying to get political, but the least thing a socialist likes is to be criticized.”

          Robert: ……You’re right! …..They HATE being called out!

          ………But I respectfully submit that we ALL need to get more “political” when it comes to this sort of thing!!!

    • cynthia j

      Thank you Richard c. I had the same reaction/feeling about the whole business of how Will and Shannon left the show too. It also bothered me how Will’s ego seemed to to rise to the surface on occasions when he had to let people know how “knowledgeable ” he was in all conversations. I hope Wes realizes we appreciate his down to earth demeanor and willingness to learn. I know I am here to learn as much as I can about these creatures since we all can be learning something new every day,, coming from all sorts of people through their unexpected encounters with sasquatch. I will be a member gladly paying my fee for this fantastic show.

  5. Jan W

    Papa-yeti, I think your theory about the red eye shine is a good one. Fascinating information from Marek and will look for the article-thanks! And thanks, Wes. I think you are doing a great job and appreciate the daily posts-it is what I look at first thing in the morning and the last thing I look at before bed! SC is a wonderful diversion and I look forward to it every day.

  6. Papa - Yeti

    Deny the paid Government Trolls of all earned pensions no military pensions and retirement benefits, no health care, no retirement of any kind,, take away their, homes, retirement chalets, their vehicles, their dentures their dogs and their shoes. (everything they bought and amassed with their corrupt government incomes,), take it all away from them. When and if they do get out of prison they can make an honest senior carrier out of rubbish Dumpster diving in Haiti. Because they get their Natural born Citizenship revoked.

  7. Papa - Yeti


    Thank you Jan W. It is the best I can come up with thus far, there has to be a correlation between those bioluminescent worms, fungi, bugs. I had read of two separate encounters, – Here is another mention of glowing eyes, these glowing eyes were said to be blue.(source BFRO) -> As I swerved it was already nearly off the road, all I could see through my drivers’ window were what seemed to be piercing blue eyes that seemed to glow. Blue is the bioluminescent color of which Paul speaks of in his study : “ Every evening, these creatures – which remain hidden underground during the day – emerge and initiate a chemical reaction to produce a ►Green –blue glow,◄ a process called bioluminescence. The eerie night lights of these millipedes highlight species known as Motyxia”. And I have read of another Bigfoot encounter where a man finds himself peering into the cave (or Lava –Tube) of a Volcano and he witnesses a Old Bigfoot shoes hair is dusted lightly with a shimmering Red (magical) (Bioluminescence), the Creature clasped his huge hands and it was like shimmering fairy dust. There are many thing within the night world in the old growth rain forests. That glow, fungi, mosses, insects. It is derived of two separate organic chemicals that react, but instead of producing a heat reaction, it’s a light reaction. Bioluminescence is found in the sea and in the forest. But not to be confused with the Scorpions source of glow, seen if you shine a black light over your campground of the American Deserts. .

    • Robert V

      I wouldn’t mind Shannon back if the reason she left was the way she was treated. The one thing I did like, which Will brought to the show, was the information show about the sounds. I enjoy these type of shows just as much as the sharing of encounters. Will is doing this with some of the guests he has on. So, I agree with you Chad, don’t bring Will back.

      Wes, I do enjoy the information type of shows too. It’s your show and your doing a great job, I’ll continue to listen either way.


  8. Tyler D

    You can just hear the immense power on these thing. Such an impressive lung capacity, simply just incredible. This thing has to be just massive. And it almost seems to be mimicking a siren you would hear right before a bombing is about to take place to warn the citizens in the area or something along those lines. Besides them just being massive creatures and ofcourse having large organs, I think the fact that they are constantly in higher elevations could possibly play a big part on how tremendously large and powerful lungs they have. Sasquatch is just all around power incarnate in every aspect of their physical characteristics

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